What I’m Looking For

I'm looking for new employment opportunities!

While the following describes my ideal employment, I am DEFINITELY open to considering things outside this list!


Full-Time Work

  • I am looking for full-time work.
  • I am open to considering contract or alternative forms of employment that eventually lead to a full-time position.

Location of Work

  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Phoenix/Tuscon Area
  • Washington/Seattle Area
  • Utah
  • Other areas of the US depending on the level of remote work

Ideal Travel Amount

  • 10-25%
  • Ideally, I'd love to be traveling once a month, every month, for a few days to a week.
  • This travel can be achieved personally via remote work or traveling for work reasons.
  • I'm open to travel up to 40% of the time.

Willingness to travel for work

  • I am willing to travel anywhere nationally.
  • I am willing to travel anywhere reasonably safe internationally.

US Citizenship

  • I am a US citizen and do not require any work sponsorship for employment within the US.
  • I am open and believe, in good faith, I would be eligible to obtain Secret, Top Secret, TS/SCI, or DOE Q clearance if necessary.

Professional Development

  • Any employment opportunity I would consider should have professional development in at least one of the following areas:
    • Management and/or Professional Leadership
    • Software Engineering
    • Robotics and/or Mechatronics Engineering
    • Systems Engineering

External & Internal Facing

  • I would like to have employment that requires working internally with a team.
  • I enjoy working with others and would value working with junior employees helping them excel and working with more experienced employees to learn more.
  • I also am open to and prefer to work with customers, clients, or other external business partners as well.